Hoang Tran brings to the team over ten years’ experience of business operations and project leadership for a wide range of industries including healthcare. He has worked closely with upper management to developed strategic road maps to align the business with the company’s vision and mission. As a certified project manager, his extensive project management background has led him to execute project initiatives from start to finish using a more modern project approach to keep the team organized and responsible. 

He has written standardized operational procedures and implemented technological infrastructure projects to help prepare the company for growth.  He’s comfortable wearing many hats, as his role required him to manage multiple projects, teams and stakeholders. Example of his projects are as follows: ensuring business practices meet regulatory compliance, process improvement using lean method, IT infrastructure upgrades, M&A, SAAS development, software implementation, and enterprise integration.

His latest former positions were consulting, helping his clients solve technology problems, finding the right software solutions, system upgrades, conducting analysis for investments, and more.

Hoang has a B.A. in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton. On his free time, he likes to go camping with his family, work on his car, and train at the gym.